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This website provides information on the PASK, and PASKE families. If you are interested in researching the name, or finding out more about PASK families use the links to access the substantial amount of worldwide information. The research represents the work of many researchers and in return we encourage other researchers to include their information.


The information in this website covers detailed narratives for many of these Pask families. These narratives can be easily searched by Surname, or Master Index, or by searching the website. The narratives section is slightly different to the main pages as it is generated and updated from the database on a regular basis and contains over 100 photographs and 1,700 webpages. We hope that you find something of interest. If not, contact us and we will endeavour to help you.


Pask Family Gathering 2008:



Over 200 Pasks, or Pask-related people met at the Community Centre in Whepstead, Suffolk on Saturday July 26, 2008. More...


Pask Books - Four Books now available


You can now purchase through www.lulu.com four PASK books:

PASKs of Lincolnshire - Volume I

PASKs of Suffolk - Volume I

PASKs of Suffolk - Volume II

PASKs of Monmouthshire - Volume I

For more information see Pask Publications.


The Pask, Paske One-Name Study has been registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies for over four years. The Guild of One-Name Studies is the premier UK-based organisation for one-name studies. The Guild welcomes as members anyone who has an interest in the subject.



There is an online database where you can search the General Record Office (GRO) indexes for information on Pask or Paske births, marriages, and deaths.


For full details of the records searched look at data sources.


There is also a Pask-Paske Blog that provides day-by-day activities in the One-Name Study. It includes recent items of interest that will be included in the website update.

The PASK and PASKE families originate from four main areas in the UK -  Lincolnshire, Suffolk, Monmouthshire, and Essex.


1881 UK Distribution of PASK, PASKE

Several descendants of these branches have emigrated to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and America.

The Master Place Index details all people in all locations. To search for the country, city or town choose Edit > Find, and specify the location.

More information on locations...


There are several interesting Pask(e) characters, both famous and not so famous. Interesting people ...


Are you stuck - can we help? Can you identify some Pask(e) family photographs for other researchers? If so, see Brick walls.


We welcome any information that you may have on the PASK, or PASKE families, or their derivatives. All information will be credited to you. Join the many co-researchers who may share your ancestors.



'Easter', from the Hebrew pesakh 'a passing over', used as a personal name for one born at Easter.

Alternatively from the name Pascall, a 9th C. saint and pope. 

Or derived from the Old Welsh personal name Paskent or Pascen.



In an extract of an Office of National Statistics database for 2002, the name PASK is ranked 4508, with 1593 instances. The name PASKE is ranked 20969, with 205 instances. For more information see ONS Names.

In the United States of America, the name PASKE ranks 45,977 in terms of frequency in the U.S. 1990 Census. Surprisingly, the name PASK is not listed. PASKs in the UK out number the PASKEs by 90%.

My Relations and Other Lines — In these sections you will find additional information on my maternal side and other names that I am researching, or hosting for family and friends.

Latest News - See Pask-Paske Blog

This site is being developed continuously and new information being added. We recommend that you check periodically for new information. There is a Pask-Paske Blog that provides day-by-day activities in the One-Name Study. It includes recent items of interest not yet included in the website. This information is usually included in the next website update, when time permits.

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