#18734, b. June 1959
Last Edited=1 Nov 2015
     Nigel J. WHEELER was born in June 1959.1
Nigel married Tracey A. MARSDEN, daughter of Dennis J. MARSDEN and Dorothy M. REVEL, in July 1986 in the Cambridge registration district.1,2

Children of Nigel J. WHEELER and Tracey A. MARSDEN

  • Jack WHEELER1
  • Mark Anthony WHEELER1

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Marjorie G. LITTLE1

Last Edited=13 Nov 2015
     Marjorie married Arthur J. PASK, son of Arthur Ernest PASK and Lillian CHURCH, in 1942 in the Bromley registration district. They did not have any children, and later divorced.1
Marjorie married Frank G. PATEMAN in 1949 in the Bromley registration district.2

Research Note: Additional information on Marjorie is available from Bob Cumberbatch.3

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