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There were several PASKs that immigrated to Australia.

James Horton Pask—The most well researched Australian. James was born in 1835 in Thundersley the son of John and Frances Pask née HAFFINDEN. James was a gardener and he married Julia ASPLIN, who was believed to be the daughter of his employer the Asplin family from Little Wakering Hall. After Julia's early death in 1848, James immigrated to Australia.

James married Margaret McLEOD on 21 April 1870 in Melbourne, Australia. James died on 5 May 1890 in Oakleigh, near Melbourne, at the age of 80 and is buried in Oakleigh General Cemetery. Some of his descendants later emigrated from Australia to Tawa a district of Wellington, New Zealand.

More information on James Horton Pask, and his family is available in the detailed narratives section. The icon Icon to indicate descendants of John  Pask and Frances Haffinden indicates the descendants of John and Frances Pask née HAFFINDEN. Information provided by Graeme Adams, Dianne Baird, Julie McLennan, and Don & Rae Scott.

John Pask—born in 1825 in Kedington, Suffolk, he probably immigrated to Ulla-Dulla, New South Wales between 1851 and 1861. No other information is known except that he may have died c1910. Information provided by Tracy Bentley.

Lambert Pask—Born in 1833 in Stamford, Lincolnshire he married Charlotte WALTHAM in 1854 prior to their assisted passage on the ship "Agra", and arrived in Australia in December 1854. Lambert was a gold miner. They lived at Bunniyong, near Ballarat, a large gold mining area then. Information provided by Colleen Willis.

Ethel PASK née MALLETT—Born in 1906 she married Henry Cecil PASK and they lived in Surrey. On Henry's death in 1959, Ethel immigrated to Perth, Australia to live with her daughter. Henry was a descendant of Peter Pask of Suffolk. The icon Icon to indicate a descendant of Peter Pask of Suffolk indicates Peter Paske's descendants. Information provided by Margaret (Pat) Taylor.

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