Pask and Paske Families in the United States of America
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The name PASKE ranks 45,977 in terms of frequency in the U.S. 1990 Census. Strangely enough the name PASK is not listed. PASKs in the UK outnumber the PASKE by 90%. This may be because of immigrants coming from eastern Europe were listed with the name PASKE.

The One-Name Study is in its infancy and therefore only a small minority of PASK, PASKE information has been compiled from US records. However this is increasing with the help of co-researchers. Although the indexes for Social Security Death Index, and the World War I draft cards have been extracted, these are in the process of being computerized. If you require additional information contact us and we will endeavour to help you.

The Master Place Index details all people in all locations. To search for the country, city or town choose Edit > Find, and specify the location.

This includes the states of:

California (CA)
Florida (FL)
Indiana (IN)
Massachusetts (MA)
Michigan (MI)
Missouri (M0)
New Jersey (NJ)
New York State (NY)
North Carolina (NC)
North Dakota (ND)
Ohio (OH)
Oregon (OR)
Pennsylvania (PA)
South Dakota (SD)
Texas (TX)
Wisconsin (WI)

US map showing states

United States of America

The main families are detailed in the narratives section, and include:

New York State

Henry and Mary PASK née MARSHALL of New York State, compiled from information kindly provided by Tom and Claudia DuBois. Henry was born on 11 March 1849 in Nocton, Lincolnshire. Henry and Mary MARSHALL emigrated in 1872 on the RMS Abyssinia, together with his older brother Edward, and Edward's wife Ann (née MARSHALL), and his younger sister Jane. Henry married Mary MARSHALL on 3 December 1874. Information provided by Tom and Claudia DuBois, indicates that Henry and Edward were descendants of Johnannis Pask and Elizabeth ARCHER of Washingborough. In the narratives section, the icon Related to Johannis Pask of Washingborough, Lincolnshire indicates Johnannis and Elizabeth's descendants.

Charles and Filomenia PASK lived in New York in the 1890s together with their children Marshall Woolhouse, Durant, twins Lucius and Lawrence, and Royal Charles. Charles originated from Fulbeck, Lincolnshire and was the great-grandson of the Lincolnshire progenitor Icon to indicate a descendant of William Pask of Fulbeck Lincolnshire William PASK, (1769 - 1850) who lived in Wellingore & Fulbeck, Lincolnshire.

New Jersey

William Francis PASK, the son of William and Bridget PASK née MASSEY, was baptised in 1830 in Ewerby, Lincolnshire. He emigrated to Newark, New Jersey. His sisters Mary Elizabeth, wife of John Key BROWN, and Sarah Kisyia LUKE née PASK, also emigrated. William was a descendant of William Pask (c1690) from Wellingore, the icon Icon to indicate a descendant of William and Susanna Pask of Wellingore Lincolnshire indicates this branch. Information provided by Philip L Fletcher.

Ohio and Wisconsin

Joseph PASK was baptized on 29 November 1810 in Fulbeck, Lincolnshire. He immigrated to Richland County, Ohio. After 4 years there, the family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Two years after that, they moved to Hubbleton, Wisconsin, for 15 years. They moved to Bryan, Ohio, in 1864. His sons George and Thomas traveled with him. However his daughter, Mary, was temporarily left behind. Thomas returned to Lincolnshire and married Elizabeth HALL in November 1832. Joseph's descendancy chart shows six generations of American citizens. Information provided by Dwight & Sharon Martin, and Diane Anderson.

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